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Harun Grabus

Software Engineer Team Lead

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27th July 2023

Empower Your Credit Decisions with RatingTool

RatingTool is a sophisticated standalone application designed to revolutionize the way financial institutions calculate client credit ratings. Tailored for individuals, corporations, and small businesses, RatingTool delivers unparalleled support in developing precise credit models through comprehensive statistical analysis. Our platform ensures the creation of a reliable credit model that forms the foundation of your bank's credit assessment processes.

Key features

Customizable Credit Models

Develop bespoke credit models using any variable, tailored specifically to different client groups for a nuanced assessment of creditworthiness

Comprehensive Rating Analysis

Incorporates application ratings, financial ratings, and both internal and external behavioral ratings, offering a holistic view of a client's credit standing

Dynamic Configuration

Whatever model you envision, RatingTool can integrate and configure it, providing lenders with unique insights into their portfolios

On-Demand Rating Calculations

Generate client ratings on-demand or in scheduled batches, particularly beneficial for corporate clients, complete with detailed reports and rating history for each customer

Adjustable Rating Scores

Features soft facts rating adjustment for privileged users and credit rating confirmation functionality, allowing risk staff to confirm or adjust calculated ratings.

Highly Configurable

Offers customizable score bins and classes, ensuring flexibility to meet the bank's specific needs

A RatingTool is a strategic asset, enhancing your bank's ability to rely on accurate and comprehensive credit rating assessments.

By decoupling from our Loanato platform, it functions seamlessly as a service, providing critical credit rating information whenever necessary.


Navigate Compliance Challenges with RatingTool

In the complex landscape of financial services, banks face the critical challenge of ensuring their credit rating models comply with evolving laws and regulations. RatingTool addresses this issue head-on by offering a sophisticated, adaptable solution designed to keep your institution ahead of regulatory changes. Our platform not only facilitates the development of precise, customizable credit models but also ensures that these models adhere to the latest compliance standards, mitigating the risk of non-conformity. With RatingTool, banks can confidently navigate the regulatory environment, ensuring that their credit rating processes are both accurate and fully compliant. By leveraging our advanced statistical analysis and flexible configuration, financial institutions can achieve optimal risk assessment while adhering to strict regulatory requirements, safeguarding against the potential pitfalls of non-compliance.

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